Make a Video Production Center

Make a Video Production Center

Must Have Supplies


  • Colored paper, glue sticks, scissors, tape, file folders (to hold project assets and to serve as backdrops for stop-motion video backgrounds).
  • iPad, iPad mini, or digital camera.
  • Green screen (painted wall, green file folder, or a backdrop background).
  • Good lighting, consider getting a light ring or lighting kit with tripod light stand.
  • Wireless  mic 
  • Mic cables if mic is not wireless.
  • Mic cable adapter for iPad.


  • Green Screen by Do Ink.
  • MuseMage or other stop motion app.
  • Screencastify (free Chrombook app)
  • iMovie (for iPad).
  • a Teleprompter app (optional)

Stop-motion Movie Set Supplies

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